-President,Fred Shuart

Need: Replace an aging, unsupported telephone system
Solution: Cisco BE6K Unified Collaboration System
Benefit: Improved communications for both clients and between I.COMM offices

I.COMM has locations in Farmington Hills, Flint, Grand Rapids and Lansing. These multiple offices were facing significant communication challenges because each one had completely separate phone systems.

NuWave provided I.COMM with a Cisco solution that connected all of their offices together, enabling intercom dialing between offices for employees as if they were sitting in the same building.

Furthermore, the single number reach feature of the Cisco solution allows I.COMM staff to provide callers with one phone number that rings both their desk phones and their mobile phones at the same time. Another communication enhancement provided by the Cisco solution is unified messaging, which integrates email with voicemail. This feature allows users to get their voicemails delivered to their email in real time.

The new unified collaboration system improved communication for both I.COMM’s clients as well as internal communication between multiple offices.